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Thermo Guard

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Thermo Guard 1.0mm 120Diam 10/Box
Thermo Guard: soft, pliable rubber material. Does not bond to acrylic. Application: model duplications, mouth protection (sports), night guards. Thermo Cryl: break-resistant acrylic blanks made of pure PMMA material, monomer free. Application: denture bases, immediate dentures, orthodontic retainers, splints. Thermo Splint: hard-elastic, highly transparent blanks, bond to acrylic. No predrying necessary. Application: periodontal splints, bite guards, retainer splints, invisible retainers. Thermo Bleach: tough elastic material. Does not bond to acrylic. Application : model duplications, bracket transfer trays, moulds for temporary. Spacer foil: it is used when fabricating copings, remove before embedding. Coping foil: hard elastic material. Does not bond to acrylic, combustible. Application: copings.

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9001716 Thermo Guard 1.0mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001717 Thermo Guard 1.5mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001718 Thermo Guard 2.0mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001719 Thermo Guard 3.0mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001720 Thermo Guard 4.0mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001749 Thermo Splint Clear 0.5mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001750 Thermo Splint Clear 0.75mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001751 Thermo Splint Clear 1.0mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001752 Thermo Splint Clear 1.5mm 120Diam 10/Box
9001753 Thermo Splint Clear 2.0mm 120Diam 10/Box
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